The Mountain of Kept Memory -Rachel Neumeier

mountain-of-kept-memoryOressa has learned her lessons well. Has learned to be meek and obedient around her father, has learned about all the hidden doors and passages in the palace, has learned to listen secretly to all the meetings her father has with his ministers. Mostly the talks are boring, but today there is fear of an imminent invasion, and the possibility that she might be offered as a wife to the invading prince!

Let’s see . . . there’s the feisty, unconventional princess, her brother the steady, reliable heir to the throne, and the stern, controlling king. Add the mysterious Keiba, who lives in her mountain in the drylands and protects the world from plagues and other dangers. Throw in some foreign princes who plan to invade and conquer the kingdom and the Keiba, and you have an enjoyable, traditional fantasy. Many of the plot lines are predictable, but there are enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

eGalley review                   Publication date   11.18.16

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