This page is for my faculty and students for ease in learning how to utilize Overdrive ebooks.  The district has a larger collection available than the titles I list, however the lending models do vary among publishers so I am selecting titles to practice downloading that have a more generous lending policy.  Some publishers have the OC/OU model – “One Copy/One User”.  Just like in a library, there is one book per user and it does not matter how many times it is checked out.  These are the best books to practice checking out and returning.  Some publishers sell books based on metered access.  Usually 27 checkouts.  After a title has been checked out 27 times, if the library wants to keep the book in the collection, the book must be purchased again.  These are not the best eBooks to practice downloading.  Some publishers sell their books to library for a limited period of time, usually 12 months or 36 months.