LISD Collection




Horowitz – Alex Rider series (OC/OU):

  1. Stormbreaker
  2. Point Blank
  3. Skeleton Key
  4. Eagle Strike
  5. Scorpia
  6. Ark Angel
  7. Snakehead
  8. Crocodile Tears
  9. Scorpia Rising

Park Archer’s Quest (OC/OU)

SacharHoles (OC/OU)

G.SmithChronal Engine (OC/OU)

R.SmithPeak (OC/OU)

VanderpoolNavigating Early (OC/OU)

WegeliusThe Murderer’s Ape (OC/OU)


BeasleyCircus Mirandus (OC/OU)

BeddorThe Looking Glass Wars (OC/OU)

CovilleJeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher (OC/OU)

FfordeThe Last Dragonslayer (OC/OU)

FisherIncarceron -book 1 (OC/OU)

FisherSapphique -book2 (OC/OU)

Flanagan – Ranger’s Apprentice series (OC/OU)

  1. The Ruins of Gorlan
  2. The Burning Bridge
  3. The Icebound Land
  4. The Battle for Skandia
  5. The Sorcerer of the North
  6. The Siege of Macindaw
  7. Erak’s Ransom
  8. The Kings of Clonmel
  9. Halt’s Peril
  10. The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
  11. The Lost Stories
  12. The Royal Ranger

12.5 Death of a Hero

Flanagan – Brotherband Chronicles (OC/OU)

  1. The Outcasts
  2. The Invaders
  3. The Hunters
  4. Slaves of Socorro
  5. Scorpion Mountain
  6. The Ghostfaces

Flanagan – Ranger’s Apprentice The Early Years (OC/OU)

  1. The Tournament at Gorlan
  2. The Battle of Hackham Heath

KhouryThe Forbidden Wish (OC/OU)

MaguireEgg & Spoon (OC/OU)

MilneWinnie the Pooh (OC/OU)

Riggs – Miss Peregrine series (OC/OU)

  1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
  2. Hollow City
  3. Library of Souls
  4. Tales of the Peculiar


BradleyThe War That Saved My Life (OC/OU)

CholdenkoAl Capone Does My Shirts (OC/OU)

CurtisBud, Not Buddy (OC/OU)

CurtisThe Mighty Miss Malone (OC/OU)

ForbesJohnny Tremain (OC/OU)

LevineThe Lions of Little Rock (OC/OU)

Lowry Number the Stars (OC/OU)

PatersonBread and Roses, Too (OC/OU)

SchmidtLizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy (OC/OU)

SpeareThe Bronze Bow

SpeareThe Sign of the Beaver

TaylorRoll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

Vanderpool – Moon Over Manifest (OC/OU)


 CooneyCode Orange (OC/OU)

GrabensteinEscape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library #1 (OC/OU)

GrabensteinThe Island of Dr. Libris #2 (OC/OU)

HahnClosed for the Season (OC/OU)

HahnDeep and Dark and Dangerous (OC/OU)

HahnTook: A Ghost Story (OC/OU)

HahnWait Till Helen Comes (OC/OU)

Milford Greenglass House (OC/OU)

RaskinThe Westing Game (OC/OU)

Reichs – Virals series (OC/OU):

  1. Virals
  2. Seizure

      2.5 Shift

  1. Code

      3.5 Swipe

  1. Exposure
  2. Terminal
  3. Shock

Shan – Cirque du Freak series (OC/OU):

  1. A Living Nightmare
  2. The Vampire’s Assistant


BiographyFarewell to Manzanar (OC/OU)

BiographyWho is Malala Yousafzai? (OC/OU)

BiographyWho was Julia Child? (OC/OU)

BiographyWho was Muhammad Ali? (OC/OU)

BryantLegends: The Best Players, Games, and Teams in Baseball (OC/OU)

BondyDon’t Sit on the Baby! (Babysitting Guide) (OC/OU)

CainQuiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts (OC/OU)

ClintonIt’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired, & Get Going! (OC/OU)

FleischerVotes of Confidence: A Young Person’s Guide to American Elections (OC/OU)

MacaulayCathedral: The Story of Its Construction

MurphyAn American Plague:The True & Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 (OC/OU)

StoutBaseball Heroes (OC/OU)


BauerAlmost Home (OC/OU)

DionneModel’s Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies (OC/OU)

EstesThe Hundred Dresses (OC/OU)

GriffinWhen Friendship Followed Me Home (OC/OU)

HuntFish in a Tree (OC/OU)

KnowlesSee You at Harry’s (OC/OU)

LubarSleeping Freshmen Never Lie (OC/OU)

MillerColin Fischer (OC/OU)

SchmidtOkay For Now (OC/OU)

SchmidtWednesday Wars (OC/OU)

SloanCounting by 7s (OC/OU)

WoodsonAfter Tupac & D Foster

WoodsonFeathers (OC/OU)


CondieMatched (OC/OU)

Lowry – The Giver series (OC/OU)

  1. The Giver
  2. Gathering Blue
  3. Messenger
  4. Son

Pfeffer – Life as we Knew It series:

  1. Life As We Knew It (OC/OU)
  2. The Dead and The Gone
  3. This World We Live In
  4. The Shade of the Moon


AlexanderThe Crossover (OC/OU)

AlexanderBooked (OC/OU)

LupicaThe Batboy (OC/OU)

LupicaThe Big Field (OC/OU)

LupicaFantasy League (OC/OU)

LupicaHeat (OC/OU)

LupicaHot Hand (OC/OU)

LupicaLong Shot (OC/OU)

LupicaMillion-Dollar Throw (OC/OU)

LupicaQB1 (OC/OU)

LupicaSafe at Home (OC/OU)

LupicaSummer Ball : Travel Team 2 (OC/OU)

LupicaTravel Team (OC/OU)

LupicaTwo-Minute Drill (OC/OU)