Other Worlds

Some fantasy is based in our world, like the Harry Potter series, but most often, the setting is an imaginary world.  These authors have written prolifically about their imaginary world:

Anne McCaffreyHarper Hall trilogy:  Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums  

These books are cataloged as science fiction but they have a taste of fantasy.  Those who like fantasy, will like Anne McCaffrey’s world of Pern.  These three books are perfect for the YA audience.  The other books in the series are adult.  Earthlings have colonized a planet.  All is well until it is discovered that deadly thread falls from the sky in cycles when the Red Star passes near the planet.  The thread incinerates all that it touches.  Tiny dragons are native to the planet.  Genetic engineers created a breed of huge dragon that can be paired with a human rider.  When thread falls from the sky, dragonriders go into action destroying the thread before it reaches the land.   Pern is a complex world, carefully created and woven together by the talented Anne McCaffrey.  There are at least 20 Pern novels and I’ve only read about half of them but they are fantastic.  Her son, Todd McCaffrey has taken over writing the series.  The Harper Hall trilogy are great for middle school and written for the teen audience.  In April 2011, it was announced that a screenwriter has been selected to bring the Dragonriders of Pern to the big screen.  So all you teens, read the Harper Hall trilogy before the movie!

Tamora Pierce – Every Tortall book ever written and ever will be written. 

I have followed her books for years.  She started with warrior chick Alanna, then Daine, then the young mages in the Circle of Magic quartet, then Kel the next generation of warrior chick in the Protector of the Small quartet, then . . . well there are lots.  All are wonderful with characters that come alive for the reader.  Her books cover every subgenre of fantasy.


Terry Pratchett – Discworld series – Tiffany Aching series:    The Wee Free Men,   A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith,  I Shall Wear Midnight

Alrighty, is this truly fantasy or ?  Well, it’s Terry Pratchett.  Perhaps he deserves his own category.  Most of his Discworld books are in the adult section.  His Tiffany Aching series is perfect for the teen readers.  Tiffany, a young witch-to-be, and her dealings with elves, fairies, the wee free men (pictsies) who are fierce but funny and her fight against evil.  Always clever and humorous.  Absolutely brilliant.