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The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland . . . – Catherynne M. Valente

Twelve-year-old September is whisked away from her Nebraska home by the Green Wind and deposited in Fairyland.  She goes on a quest to save Fairyland from an evil ruler, meets curious characters, and goes home.  This book is getting rave … Continue reading

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Ruby Red – Kerstin Gier

A family with a time travelling gene eagerly anticipates Charlotte’s first time travel excursion.  Only a few people throughout the generations have inherited the gene and it was foretold that Charlotte would be the next so she has spent her … Continue reading

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In Darkness – Nick Lake

I finished this book several days ago and it still lingers with me and will for some time. More than lingers, it haunts me.   In Darkness weaves together two time periods in Haiti’s tumultuous history and is told through two … Continue reading

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The Dead of Winter – Chris Priestley

This Victorian ghost story is chock full of metaphors and similes.  Michael’s father sacrificed his life for his commander, Sir Stephen.  Feeling guilt, Sir Stephen became a benefactor to Michael and his mother.  Upon his mother’s death, Michael is instructed … Continue reading

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The Mighty Miss Malone – Christopher Paul Curtis

Mr. Curtis’s newest has award winner written all over it.  Set during the Depression, we become one of the Malone family, facing their heartaches, struggles, and joys.  The story opens in Gary, Indiana, where the family is intact, but very … Continue reading

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Tempest – Julie Cross

Tempest is a time traveling, conspiracy theory, whirlwind novel.  Jackson discovers his time traveling abilities somewhat by accident, but is only able to jump back a few hours or days at a time at first before having to “tag up” … Continue reading

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Legend – Marie Lu

Legend is receiving a great deal of publisher publicity and deservedly so.  The formula is the same as in so many young adult dystopian novels:  oppressive government creating a bleak existence for the masses and teens are the catalyst for … Continue reading

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The Death of King Arthur – retelling by Peter Ackroyd

The readable retelling of Sir Thomas Malory’s classic, Le Morte D’Arthur, introduces the cast of characters in Arthurian tales.  I particularly enjoyed reading the introduction about Sir Thomas Malory and the colorful life that he led.   Peter Ackroyd includes all … Continue reading

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Blank Confession – Pete Hautman

This quick read packs a punch.  I can see needing an extra copy or two for the library to meet demand.   Shayne Blank has attended several different high schools.  He meets Mikey, a small-in-stature yet smart mouthed, quirky classmate.  Mikey … Continue reading

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Under the Never Sky – Veronica Rossi

Ahhh, this is a good dystopian novel!   I finished it days ago and the story continues to linger with me. The premise is familiar: Earth as we know it has undergone change, the evolved humans (Dwellers) live in an oppressively … Continue reading

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Don’t You Wish – Roxanne St. Claire

This novel is another version of the plain, quiet, bullied girl becoming beautiful, popular and shallow then learning a lesson in the transformation.  The plot vehicle in this story involves a bit of quantum physics and an alternate universe to … Continue reading

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Hidden – Helen Frost

Another beautifully written lyrical book by Helen Frost.  Told in two voices with different formats.  When Wren was 8, she stayed in the back seat of the car while her mom went into the store for a moment.  She heard … Continue reading

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Dark Eden – Patrick Carmen

I have mixed feelings about this book, but on the whole it was a good read.  The premise is simple:   Will Besting and six other teens are sent to Fort Eden, a reclusive camp, for intensive psychotherapy.  Each of the … Continue reading

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Stolen Away – Alyxandra Harvey

I enjoyed reading Stolen Away and hope there will be more to come.  Eloise has no idea that her mysterious aunt Antonia is the bride of the current Faery king.  He was supposed to rule the Faery courts for seven … Continue reading

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Delirium – Lauren Oliver

Controlling emotions, specifically love, is the best way to solve the problems in society.  Around 18, everyone gets a bit of brain surgery to remove the emotion center ridding people of the highs and lows of love.  No more passion, … Continue reading

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