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Into the Still Blue – Veronica Rossi

This is the final book in the trilogy that began with Under the Never Sky and followed with Through the Ever Night. Often a trilogy will have a book that doesn’t quite live up to high expectations set in the first … Continue reading

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Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge

Nyx’s father struck a bargain with the demon lord that if his wife conceives, he will give one daughter to the demon lord as his bride. The wife dies during the birth of twin daughters. The father decides to keep … Continue reading

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Road to Reckoning: A Novel – Robert Lautner

Thomas Walker’s great adventure had gone terribly wrong. Only a few days ago he and his father set out from New York to sell Samuel Colt’s Improved Revolving Gun in the hills of central Pennsylvania, hoping to make a living … Continue reading

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Vitro – Jessica Khoury

Sophie Crue travels all the way to Skin Island on the outskirts of Guam to get to her mother after receiving a cryptic email from her. In Sophie’s eyes, her mother is a hero, performing miracles and medical breakthroughs on … Continue reading

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Avalon – Mindee Arnett

Teenager Jeth is the heroic protector of his crew in this sci-fi action thriller.  Jeth’s parents were respected for their expeditions into deep space especially in an odd section of space where mysterious things happened.  When they were killed, Jeth … Continue reading

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A Breath of Frost – Alyxandra Harvey

Three cousins in early 1800s London are unaware of their witchy Lovegrove lineage until their powers, long hidden by Emma’s insane mother, are awakened.  They are suddenly plunged into the once hidden world of witches, warlocks and Keepers now in … Continue reading

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Tales from High Hallack, Volume I: The collected short stories of Andre Norton – Andre Norton

Oh my! What a wonderful collection of Andre Norton’s short stories. From one written in 1939 for a boy’s magazine to Witch World, this volume spans over fifty years. There are fantasies, folktales, sci-fi, and combinations of all of the … Continue reading

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A Curious Madness: An American Combat Psychiatrist, a Japanese War Crimes Suspect, and an Unsolved Mystery from World War II – Eric Jaffe

On May 3, 1946, at the close of World War II, the International Military Tribunal for the Far East convened. Twenty-eight Japanese had been indicted for war crimes, the most prominent being General Tojo Hideki.  Sitting behind Tojo was Okawa … Continue reading

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