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The Real Boy – Anne Ursu

The most powerful magician in the Barrow selected Oscar from an orphanage long before the story opens. Oscar stays to himself in the storage room full of medicinal herbs and forages in the forest and gardens to replenish the magician’s … Continue reading

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Rooftoppers – Katherine Rundell

A ship sank near the coast of England leaving few survivors. Charles, a thirty-six year old eccentric bachelor, discovers one-year-old Sophie floating in a cello case. He decides to raise the child. Her unusual, matter-of-fact rearing shows Charles has raised … Continue reading

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Relativity – Cristin Bishara

Ruby Wright is trapped in a life that just doesn’t seem to fit her. She and her dad moved to a small town in Ohio when her Dad remarried after her Mom’s death, forcing Ruby to leave behind her best … Continue reading

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More Than This – Patrick Ness

Seth dies in the ocean, off the Pacific coast. Dragged out by the freezing current and dashed into rocks. There is no doubt about it, he is dead. Yet he wakes up in a deserted town in England, the town … Continue reading

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All Our Yesterdays – Cristin Terrell

Em and Finn are being tortured in a prison by “the doctor” and this is not the first time. They have travelled back in time, on many occasions to try and change the course of events that has led the … Continue reading

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Bertie Plays the Blues: A 44 Scotland Street Novel – Alexander McCall Smith

The folks on Scotland Street have been nudged from their familiar ruts and are trying to cope. Matthew and Elspeth have just brought their newborn triplet boys home and are, of course, struggling to care for three infants. The fact … Continue reading

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The Storycatcher – Ann Hite

Ghosts roam Black Mountain and Shelley Parker is accustomed to seeing them. She’s done it for most of her sixteen years. Usually they warn her of danger or just tell her their stories. The ones she is seeing now don’t … Continue reading

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