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Poppy – Mary Hooper

Poppy Pearson is a young maid in service to the aristocratic de Vere family during the outbreak of World War I.  Poppy is urged by a former teacher to take advantage of the expanding opportunities to women due to the … Continue reading

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Moo – Sharon Creech

A family decides to leave the big city for life in rural Maine.  Reena and Luke are quickly indoctrinated on the ways of country life when their parents volunteer them to assist an elderly resident, Mrs. Falala.  She promptly assigns … Continue reading

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Three Sisters, Three Queens – Philippa Gregory

Princess Margaret is so full of her importance.  She is so much more grown up than her 5-year-old sister, Mary. She is so unwilling to befriend the bride of her beloved brother, Arthur, as only a girl can be who … Continue reading

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I Will Send Rain – Rae Meadows

One year in the life of a small farming family in the Oklahoma Panhandle during the beginning of the Dust Bowl is the focus of this short novel.  Amidst the descriptions of dust storms, grit and desolation, the reader is … Continue reading

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The Story of Egypt: The Civilization that Shaped the World – Joann Fletcher

This is a long book, it has to be. It spans 4,000 years. It’s not just names and dates, but filled with real people, like the royal manicurists Niankhnum and Khnumhotep, whose house was decorated with vignettes of their lives, … Continue reading

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