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The End or Something Like That – Ann Dee Ellis

Emmy’s best friend, Kim, has congenital heart disease. It is unlikely Kim will live a long life. Emmy is the only student at school that knows of Kim’s health problem because outwardly, Kim is so vibrant and full of life. … Continue reading

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Sleep No More – Aprilynne Pike

Charlotte is an Oracle and is a descendent of the Oracles consulted by the ancient Greeks. Only now the Oracles stay hidden and try to fight the visions of the future that interfere with their lives. Charlotte’s aunt, also an … Continue reading

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The Boundless – Kenneth Oppell

Will’s father helped in laying the hundreds of miles of railroad tracks in Canada, running coast to coast. Years after the track was completed, a massive train named The Boundless departs on its first journey with Will’s father in charge. Mr. Van … Continue reading

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The Inventor’s Secret – Andrea Cremer

This steampunk flavored adventure is set in an alternate history of America where the colonists did NOT win the revolution. The fight is still alive with hidden pockets of freedom fighters forming a Resistance. The Resistance hides their children hoping … Continue reading

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Chestnut Street – Maeve Binchy

Chestnut Street is an imaginary street in Dublin, peopled with all sorts of interesting individuals. Occasionally, Maeve Binchy would write a story about one of these people, then put it away “for later.” Now these stories have been gathered to … Continue reading

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Past the Shallows – Favel Parrett

Harry accepts the world as it is. He’s too young to remember much of what it was like before Mum died. Miles remembers and Miles tries to look after Harry. Joe is the oldest. Joe is old enough to leave, … Continue reading

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The Word Exchange: A Novel – Alena Graedon

When Ana’s father inexplicably disappears, she tries desperately to find out what has happened to him, following obscure clues that only cause her more confusion. In a world where the written word is becoming obsolete her father is an anomaly. … Continue reading

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