Time Travel

This is a tricky subgrenre.  If time travel involves the use of technology, then the story is considered science fiction.  If time travel is possible through magic, then it is considered fantasy.

Lloyd AlexanderTime Cat

Cats don’t have nine lives.  They have one life but can visit nine different lives.  Except for the time travelling bit, the novel is historically accurate.  They travel through time and place from Ancient Egypt to America, 1775.  Time Cat was the first of many fabulous books written by the author for children and young adults.  Time Cat is a quick read and makes for a fun first dip into time travel fantasy.  Then, please read everything the author wrote.

Diana Wynne JonesThe Homeward Bounders

Jamie is repeatedly catapulted through time and space.  I read this years ago when I went on a Diana Wynne Jones spree of reading.  All good.  Everything she writes is excellent.



Diana Wynne JonesA Tale of Time City  

This is one of my favorite Diana Wynne Jones books.  I read it years and years ago and still smile when I pick it up.  History keeps changing.  Three kids have to restore issues in Time. 



Madeleine L’Engle –  An Acceptable Time 

Polly O’Keefe is one of the daughters of Meg and Calvin (A Wrinkle in Time).  When visiting her grandparents, she, finds herself caught up in the lives of three strangers , a native American, a druid, and a warrior.  They lived 3000 years ago.  Polly travels back and forth in time to help forge peace between two clashing tribes.  There is also a bit of light romance here.   I read this book in 1989 when it was published and the story still resonates with me.  The Wrinkle in Time quartet is better categorized as science fiction time travel.