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Jefferson’s Treasure: How Albert Gallatin Saved the new nation from Debt – Gregory May

The Federalists were not happy campers when Thomas Jefferson appointed Albert Gallatin Secretary of the Treasury in 1801. This was the man who was responsible for the Republican win. And now, this immigrant who spoke with a heavy French accent, … Continue reading

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Dancing on Thin Ice: Travails of a Russian Dissenter – Arkady Polishchuk

For twenty-three years, from 1950 to 1973, Arkady Polishchuk, a Russian Jew, worked as a journalist for Russian media, and for much of that time he also worked on behalf of persecuted Jews and Christians who were denied emigration. His … Continue reading

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The Quiet Side of Passion (Isabel Dalhousie #12) – Alexander McCall Smith

Work keeps piling up for Isabel. Editing the Review of Applied Ethics takes so much time, and Cat seems to always need extra help at the deli. She would love to have more time with her boys. Magnus and Charlie … Continue reading

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The Sea Queen – Linnea Hartsuyker

Svanhild likes the feel of the steering oar, the feel of the water. Her son Eystein has six summers and is a tall frail boy. Unlike his parents, he has no love of the sea. He hates the sea and … Continue reading

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Sanctuary – Caryn Lix

Alien probes were sent to Earth fifty years before the story opens.  Those born after exposure to the probe developed super powers.  Earth, or Omnisteller Corporation the ruling entity, can’t just let these folks wander free so they are imprisoned … Continue reading

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The Traitor’s Ruin – Erin Beaty

The sequel to The Traitor’s Kiss continues to follow the exploits of the multi-talented Sage who fell in love with Captain Alex Quinn during their successful efforts to thwart an enemy invasion.  Sage is living a secure life as tutor … Continue reading

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Ursula K. Le Guin: Conversations on Writing – Ursula K Le Guin and David Naimon

David Naimon is a writer and the host of Portland, Oregon based podcast, Between the Covers. This all began as a series of recorded interviews with Ursula Le Guin for the show. Then they came to the conclusion that the … Continue reading

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The Final Frontier – Neil Clarke, Ed.

This anthology is all about space exploration and discovery. Neil Clarke says that it is like “all the episodes of Star Trek where they discover some new phenomena, make contact with a new species or explore the remnants of some … Continue reading

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Clock Dance – Anne Tyler

Willa has always been the one to calm things down, smooth things over. Starting with her mother’s volatility, she was the child who made things better. We get little glimpses of her life as she hones her skill as a … Continue reading

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The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James

The spaceship is all Romy has ever known. She was an unauthorized/unexpected baby while her parents were the only crew members not in stasis during a long distance voyage to establish a colony. The crew in stasis died years ago, … Continue reading

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