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Counting by 7s – Holly Goldberg Sloan

Willow was adopted when she was quite young, by two loving parents, who embraced her quirkiness and genius.    When she was 12, both parents were killed in a fiery car accident.  With no family or close friends to take her … Continue reading

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Half Bad – Sally Green

Nathan is the product of a Black Witch father and a White Witch mother.  His father, Marcus, killed his mother’s husband then left his mother with 3 full blooded White Witch children and baby Nathan, the Half Blood, to raise.  … Continue reading

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Dangerous – Shannon Hale

Maisie Brown enters a contest for a week at space camp. Teams at camp train for missions with the top team earning a trip up the space elevator to an asteroid. While in space the five teens are exposed to … Continue reading

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The Shadow Throne – Jennifer A. Nielsen

Book 3 of The Ascendance Trilogy begins with Jaron returning from the pirates without any opportunity to fully recover before war threatens his kingdom. It’s not just one country that declares war against him, but three. The odds are ever-stacked … Continue reading

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Spirit and Dust – Rosemary Clement-Moore

Good vs. Evil paranormal mystery starring down to earth Daisy Goodfellow. Daisy comes from a family with special paranormal abilities. She works with law enforcement to solve crimes. She can examine a murder scene and talk with the spirit of … Continue reading

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Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

Coralie was a mermaid. She had webbed hands, with which she was born, and a beautiful scaled tale, with which she was supplied. Her father was the owner of the museum on Coney Island that exhibited all manner of oddities, … Continue reading

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