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Rook – Sharon Cameron

History is doomed to repeat and the setting in Paris, France.  This dystopia features a society that has shunned all things related to old technology.  The ruthless leader of the revolution created a blood bath in killing the former ruling … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Loki – Joanne M. Harris

I know a tale, o sons of earth I speak it as I must. Of how nine trees gave life to Worlds, That giants held in trust. So begins the authorized version of the history of the Nine Worlds as … Continue reading

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Daughters of the Samurai: A Journey from East to West and Back – Janice P. Nimura

In 1871, five little girls clothed in rich, embroidered silk, their hair elaborately dressed, were presented to the Empress of Japan. Two were teenagers, the smallest was only six.   The Empress commended them for their intention to study abroad.  No … Continue reading

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Rock with Wings – Anne Hillerman

Officer Bernie Manuelito couldn’t let go of the drug bust that didn’t happen.  The guy seemed nervous, even offered her a bribe, but he and his car were clean.  The only things found in the trunk were boxes of dirt.  … Continue reading

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Magonia – Maria Dahvana Headley

Aza Ray’s parents were never aware that their daughter was switched at a very young age.  Aza Ray has miraculously reached her teen years after many hospitalizations as a result of a strange lung disease.  Her health takes a sudden … Continue reading

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In a World Just Right – Jen Brooks

When Jonathan was in grade school, he survived an airplane crash that killed his family.  He has many scars from the crash and he distances himself from his classmates.  He is raised by an uncle who is curiously absent from … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream – Kerstin Gier; translated by Anthea Bell

Liv and her sister have spent their childhood travelling from country to country and they want to land in one spot, a home.  Their mother has taken a job in England and there is a little country cottage with their … Continue reading

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The Lost World of the Old Ones: Discoveries in the Ancient Southwest – David Roberts

In a dim recess, they saw a wonderful basket lying face down, perfectly preserved, and beautifully woven. David Roberts and his wife Sharon looked at it in awe, took photographs, and didn’t touch it.  They left it just as they … Continue reading

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The Last Bookaneer – Matthew Pearl

Start with a South Seas island . . . Samoa.   Add a large estate in the interior owned by a Scottish gentleman and his family.  Throw in some colorful natives and some Germans lurking in the background looking to cause … Continue reading

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