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The False Prince – Jennifer Nielsen

Only those closest to the crown know that the royal family has been murdered.  There will be a civil war unless the lost prince is found to claim the thrown.  Four years before, the young prince was on a boat … Continue reading

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Inside Out & Back Again – Thanhha Lai

This fictionalized account of the author’s childhood in Vietnam during the civil war, the fall of Saigon, and new life in Alabama is written in free verse.  She never knew her father, who was highly educated but had been missing … Continue reading

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Beta – Rachel Cohn

On future Earth, the wealthy have created a luxurious island for themselves, complete with human clones for servants.  Elysia is a newly made teen clone – a test model.  She was told that her “First” had to die in order … Continue reading

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Crewel – Gennifer Albin

The author gives a whole new meaning to the fabric of life.  A unique post-apocalyptic Earth is created with Arras, a world that is ruled by an elitist Guild that control the Spinsters who truly weave the world around them.  … Continue reading

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Feedback – Robinson Wells

Spoiler Alert!  If you have not read Variant, please do not read this review. That Benson can take a punch and keep on going.  It is amazing that a teen with no training in combat sports can wallop and disable … Continue reading

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Anything But Ordinary – Lara Avery

Bryce’s life was all planned out and just getting started at 17.  Graduate high school, go to the Olympics in diving, teach at a university or coach, and be with the man of her dreams.  But everything changed in an … Continue reading

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