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The Diabolic – S.J. Kincaid

A murderous empire that rules the galaxy uses gruesome atrocities to keep all colonies in line.  The wealthiest families secure Diabolics, genetically engineered killers, to serve as ruthless bodyguards.  Nemesis is the Diabolic that one galactic senator purchases to protect … Continue reading

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A Trail Through Time: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s Book Four – Jodi Taylor

It looks like Max and Leon are really dead. (Well, Leon is alive in another universe.)  Without the primary protagonists a fourth book doesn’t look all that interesting. I’m just not in the mood to really care about some other … Continue reading

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Faithful – Alice Hoffman

Shelby can’t forgive herself. After all, she was driving.  She was the one who slid on the ice and wrecked the car.  She was the one who should be in a coma instead of her best friend. Shelby was in … Continue reading

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Blood for Blood – Ryan Graudin

Yael’s story continues in this alternate history with Germany and Japan the victors of WWII.  Yael was the subject of medical experiments as a young girl in the Nazi concentration camps.  As a result, she can skin-shift, physically change her … Continue reading

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The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales – Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe (Editors)

The little match girl goes pyrotechnic, while the princess on the glass hill has a female companion, and don’t even ask about the big, bad, wolf.  This is another out-of-the-box collection of reimagined fairy tales written by multiple award winning … Continue reading

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StarChaser: TodHunter Moon #3 – Angie Sage

This third adventure in the TodHunter Moon series opens with the reveal of a huge problem because the world’s magic source is drying, turning to powder, and poof – gone.  Magyk comes from lapis lazuli beneath the wizard tower and … Continue reading

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Nemesis – Anna Banks

Imprisoned by her father, the King of Serubel, Sepora escapes with the intention of hiding among the laborers in the nearby kingdom of Theoria.  She is the last of the Forgers and has a skill sometimes inherited through the royal … Continue reading

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Napolean’s Last Island – Thomas Keneally

One day when Betsy Balcombe was thirteen, her accustomed life changed forever. That was the day she learned that the Great Ogre of Europe, England’s enemy, Napoleon himself, would be residing on their island, St. Helena, forever. And in the … Continue reading

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