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The Runaway King – Jennifer A. Nielsen

This sequel to The False Prince is every bit as fantastic as the first book.  Prince Jaron’s newly found role as ruler of Carthya is slipping from his grasp when his regents feel he is not ready to be king.  … Continue reading

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Mind Games – Kiersten White

Seems like the trend in YA lit is super mind abilities.  Two orphaned sisters are enrolled in a boarding school that covertly develops girls’ abilities.  For younger sister, Fia, they use her intuition to pick stocks and hone her street … Continue reading

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Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World – Matthew Goodman

Nellie Bly was a daring undercover reporter for Joseph Pulitzer’s New York newspaper, The World.  She had exposed the dreadful treatment in an insane asylum, worked in a paperbox factory, sought treatment in a medical clinic for the poor, trained … Continue reading

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Etiquette & Espionage – Gail Carriger

The first book of what I hope will be a successful series is set in an odd world of vampires, werewolves, spies and dirigibles to make for a fun steampunk adventure.  Sophronia’s natural inquisitiveness keeps her in bad graces with … Continue reading

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The Lady and her Monsters: A Tale of Dissections, Frankensteins, and the Creation of Mary Shelley’s Masterpiece – Roseanne Montillo

The night of August 30, 1797, was stormy, with a dramatic display of thunder and lightning.  It is fitting, then, that this night also saw the birth of Mary Godwin, for Mary Godwin Shelley led a stormy and unconventional life.   … Continue reading

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