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Return Once More – Trisha Leigh

Humans left a ruined Earth and now reside in space colonies.  Kaia is in the final years of training to be a Historian.  This elite group travels back in time to observe history presumably to keep from making the same … Continue reading

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Written in Stone: A Journey Through the Stone Age and the Origins of Modern Language – Christopher Stevens

Say pu. Your lips are pursed, nose wrinkled. There is an unpleasant look on your face. And pu in the Stone Age meant just what it means today – poo. On the other hand, mei makes your mouth stretch from side to … Continue reading

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Wolf by Wolf – Ryan Graudin

Alternate history!  The year is 1956 and Nazi Germany and Japan rule most of the world.  To celebrate their domination, both countries select their best young men to compete in an arduous cross-country motorcycle race – The Axis Tour.  One … Continue reading

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SandRider: TodHunter Moon, Book Two – Angie Sage

They’re back!  All the rich characters from the Septimus Heap series and the spinoff TodHunter Moon series bring another sparkling adventure to entertain.  I like Tod.  She’s smart and serious and works things out.  Rather than fretting about, she just … Continue reading

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A Thousand Nights – E. K. Johnston

A desert demon has entwined itself into the mind of desert king Lo-Melkhiin.  The good king stays entrapped within a corner of his own mind while the demon rules the kingdom.  The demon, in the body of Lo-Melkhiin, travels from … Continue reading

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