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A Wicked Thing – Rhiannon Thomas

This story of Sleeping Beauty picks up when Princess Aurora is awakened by her true love and thrust into the “care” of the current brutal monarchy.  The land has changed in 100 years and not for the better.  The commoners … Continue reading

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Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

The ruling class elite have silver blood and special powers (think X-men).  The working class with red blood are oppressed and downtrodden.  Mare Barrow is one of the red blooded downtrodden who will soon have to leave her family and … Continue reading

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Bertie’s Guide to Life and Mothers: A 44 Scotland Street Novel (9) – Alexander McCall Smith

It was good to return to Scotland Street and catch up on the happenings.The triplets have overwhelmed Matthew, so he offers one of the boys to Big Lou.  But surely he wasn’t serious, was he? Angus and Domenica, settling into … Continue reading

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A Spool of Blue Thread – Anne Tyler

Abby and Red Whitshanks had four children. Denny was the best looking and caused the most problems, always doing the unexpected, always stirring up things, looking to upset everyone.  He was the one teachers called about, the one who dropped … Continue reading

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The Country of Ice Cream Star – Sandra Newman

“My name be Ice Cream Fifteen Star.  My brother be Driver Eighteen Star, and my ghost brother Mo-Jacques Five Star . . . .”    “We Sengles be a wandering sort . . . be thieves, and brave to hunt.”  So … Continue reading

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Amherst – William Nicholson

Emily Dickinson never left her house, never saw anyone except her sister Vinnie and her brother, Austin. The townspeople referred to her as the Myth.  Vinnie cared for her daily physical needs, Austin for her emotional needs.  She lived her … Continue reading

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The Chessmen: The Lewis Trilogy – Peter May

Fin couldn’t believe his eyes.  The loch was gone, truly gone.  The water had disappeared overnight.  Whistler’s theory was of a bog burst, a phenomenon that can happen after a heavy rain.  But Fin wasn’t  listening.  He was focused on … Continue reading

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