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Madly – Amy Alward

The Princess Evelyn mixed an illegal love potion with unintended disastrous effects.  A Wilde Hunt is called to find a cure for the princess and save the kingdom.  Samantha Kemi, who inherited a talent for mixing potions answers the call … Continue reading

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The Scorpion Rules – Erin Bow

Future Earth has scarce resources and has been ravaged with wars as a result.  For generations, an AI by the name of Talis, has endeavored to reign in the wars by holding the child of each ruler hostage – the … Continue reading

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Ash & Bramble – Sarah Prineas

Fairy tales are not pretty.  Where do all of the beautiful dresses, fancy shoes, and unique tools manufactured that are so prominently featured in fairy tales?  It turns out the Godmother is a cruel slave master who kidnaps skilled tradesmen, … Continue reading

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The Seventh Most Important Thing – Shelley Pearsall

Arthur is going through a lot.  His dad died and after a while his mom discarded the father’s clothes.  When Arthur sees the local Junk Man, known for going through garbage, wearing his father’s hat, Arthur loses it and throws … Continue reading

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The One Thing – Marci Lyn Curtis

Maggie recently lost her eyesight from a severe illness and now attends a high school for the blind.  Rather than throwing herself a pity party, she digs in and rebels in her own way.  The story opens with her regular … Continue reading

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Pieces of Why – K. L. Going

Tia does not know her father well.  He has been in prison for many years.  Her mother struggles to make ends meet and works very long hours, rarely seen around the community.  Tia is a gifted singer and is a … Continue reading

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1944: FDR and the Year that Changed History – Jay Winik

As 1944 began the Allies were rapidly preparing for Operation Overlord, the most important effort of the war. But just when Roosevelt’s leadership was needed most, his ever present energy and enthusiasm waned. He was only 62 and had always been an … Continue reading

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Entry Island – Peter May

When he first saw her coming down the steps, Sime was gripped by a feeling of unease. He knew her. He was sure he had seen her before. She was covered with blood, her husband’s blood, and her eyes had dark shadows … Continue reading

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