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A Shadow Bright and Burning – Jessica Cluess

Set in an alternate Victorian England ravaged by Ancients, Henrietta is now a teacher at a charity boarding school where she was abandoned years before.  Around the time she was born, witches opened the portals to allow the Ancients to … Continue reading

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Silver in the Blood – Jessica Day George

Cousins Dacia and Lou, born in America during the late 1800s and are the best of friends.  They have been raised in high society by mothers of Romanian birth and now it is time they found spouses.  They’ve come of … Continue reading

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Dust to Dust – Melissa Walker

Callie was in a prolonged coma following a car accident.  During that time, she was in an in-between place for souls who are misguided or have unresolved issues that prevent them from moving on.  She met Thatcher, who died many … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream – Kerstin Gier; translated by Anthea Bell

Liv and her sister have spent their childhood travelling from country to country and they want to land in one spot, a home.  Their mother has taken a job in England and there is a little country cottage with their … Continue reading

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Half Bad – Sally Green

Nathan is the product of a Black Witch father and a White Witch mother.  His father, Marcus, killed his mother’s husband then left his mother with 3 full blooded White Witch children and baby Nathan, the Half Blood, to raise.  … Continue reading

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Spirit and Dust – Rosemary Clement-Moore

Good vs. Evil paranormal mystery starring down to earth Daisy Goodfellow. Daisy comes from a family with special paranormal abilities. She works with law enforcement to solve crimes. She can examine a murder scene and talk with the spirit of … Continue reading

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A Breath of Frost – Alyxandra Harvey

Three cousins in early 1800s London are unaware of their witchy Lovegrove lineage until their powers, long hidden by Emma’s insane mother, are awakened.  They are suddenly plunged into the once hidden world of witches, warlocks and Keepers now in … Continue reading

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