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The White Princess – Philippa Gregory

Princess Elizabeth of York knows she will be England’s queen one day.  The problem is that she doesn’t know who will be king.  She is in love with the present king, Richard III, who has promised marriage, but she is … Continue reading

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Tarnish – Katherine Longshore

This superbly well written novel is the second in a series set in the court of King Henry VIII.  While Gilt covered Catherine Howard’s (wife #5) time at court, Tarnish focuses on Anne Boleyn’s  (wife #2) arrival at court to … Continue reading

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The Humans: A Novel – Matt Haig

Professor Andrew Martin is dead.  His body is now inhabited by a member of a highly intelligent species from the far side of the universe. The original Andrew Martin has just solved the Riemann hypothesis, which will lead to amazing … Continue reading

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A Moment Comes – Jennifer Bradbury

Before the British pulled out of India, they were tasked with creating the borders for Pakistan.  Religions that used to live in harmony within India had grown intolerant of each other.  It was decided that a separate Muslim nation be … Continue reading

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Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn

Annaliese thinks she has amnesia.  She’s alone and far away from where she was reported missing by her parents.  As she puts together the mystery of her past, the truth is rather horrific.  At first I thought Annaliese had lived … Continue reading

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Linked – Imogen Howson

One struggling planet colony limits families to two children.  Twins are unknown, not having been born for years and years. Or were they?  Teenager, Elissa, has strange visions accompanied with extreme headaches or bruising as though she was experiencing what … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die – April Henry

Another thriller from April Henry!  The story opens with Cady regaining consciousness after being tortured.  Whatever she has been through, including having her fingernails pulled out, has caused amnesia.  Now the bad guys are planning to drag her outside and … Continue reading

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Far, Far Away – Tom McNeal

What an odd yet enchanting story!  The author weaves a study of the Grimm Fairy Tales into a murder mystery.  The ghost of Jacob Grimm wandered for years until he found a special boy, Jeremy Johnson Johnson, who could hear … Continue reading

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Rush – Eve Silver

The story opens with a dramatic, heroic and ultimately self-sacrificing, rescue of a small child.  Our main character dies.  But did she?  She is resurrected to play a “game” that requires painful fights with Earth-invading aliens.  Sprinkled with bits of … Continue reading

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The King’s Deception – Steve Berry

Gary Malone is one angry teenager.  Not surprising, considering his mother has just revealed that he’s the result of an affair. That the man he has always called “Dad” isn’t really his dad. His mother has refused to tell him … Continue reading

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Cotton Tenants: Three Families – James Agee, photographs by Walker Evans

In the summer of 1936 James Agee, then a staff writer for Fortune magazine, was commissioned to write an article on sharecroppers in Alabama.  He and Walker Evans, a staff photographer, spent two months observing three families, chronicling every aspect … Continue reading

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Life After Theft – Aprilynne Pike

Jeff is new in town, so he assumes that practical jokes on the first day of school just come with the territory.  When he runs into a cute girl in the hallway who claims to be dead, the only explanation … Continue reading

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