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Iceling – Sasha Stephenson

Lorna’s father is a scientist and was working in the Arctic when he discovered a boat drifting.  They board and discover babies. No crew.  Just babies.  Many died, but those that survived were placed with families that had a child … Continue reading

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Flashfall – Jenny Moyer

Generations ago, a series of radiation storms began to destroy civilization.  The government erected a shield made of a unique element, cirium, to protect the capital city.  Some of the population were labeled as subpars and they and their offspring … Continue reading

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The Mountain of Kept Memory -Rachel Neumeier

Oressa has learned her lessons well. Has learned to be meek and obedient around her father, has learned about all the hidden doors and passages in the palace, has learned to listen secretly to all the meetings her father has … Continue reading

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The Mad Scientist’s Daughter -Cassandra Rose Clarke

When Finn first arrived, five-year-old Cat knew he was different. She suspected that he was a ghost and was afraid of him. But he was kind and gentle, never got angry with her, so she decided he was the sort … Continue reading

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Scythe – Neal Shusterman

In this ponderous dystopian thriller, the Cloud is now the Thunderhead.  Medical technology allows for long life with citizens resetting their DNA to their 20s or 30s.  This resetting can be done for hundreds of years allowing for a very … Continue reading

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The Door that Led to Where – Sally Gardner

AJ never knew his father or knew of his father.  He was raised by a single mother in a small apartment in London, who seemed to always resent having him.  After failing most of his graduation exams, his mother decides … Continue reading

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