Science Fiction

There are several types of science fiction, so there really should be some type of science fiction that will please everyone.  Science fiction is, “What if . . .?” fiction.  What if we excel at long duration space travel, what if we destroy our world with pollution or war, what if space aliens invade our planet.  What if we have a genetic mutation that turn humans into zombies?  Sorry, I’m putting that under Horror within Mystery.

While I was in high school, I read everything John Christopher wrote.  The only series still in print that I was able to get for my school is the Tripods Quartet.  Originally published in the late 1960s as a trilogy, the first book in the series is The White Mountains.  The prequel to the series, When the Tripods Came, was published twenty years later.  I still think of this series as a trilogy, not a quartet.  It’s your basic aliens conquer Earth and enslave mankind and exceedingly well written.  With the popularity of dystopian novels, if his Prince in Waiting trilogy was back in print, I think it’d be well received.  All of his books would be eagerly read.  Why not bring them all back into print ebook format?

The picture of the book that Prickle (above) is trying to get into is Matthew Looney’s Invasion of the Earth.  This is the second book in the series that started with  Matthew Looney’s Voyage to the Earth.  The cover of the second book photographed better for this blog picture.  This was my FAVORITE book series when I was in elementary school.  There is a series of books featuring Matthew Looney and later a series featuring his sister, Maria.  The books are by Jerome Beatty Jr.  The first in the series was published in 1961 around the start of the space race and NASA’s Project Mercury.  These books poke a bit of fun at our space race.  The Looneys live on the moon and Matthew’s uncle, Captain Lockhard Looney is heading an expedition to settle the question that has been a source of controversy for some time, “Is there any life on earth?”  Humor and satire plus charm and delightful illustrations by Gahan Wilson make this series so memorable after all these years.  Several years ago, I paid a lot of money to purchase hardback editions of the series for my personal library so my daughters could enjoy the books and they did.  I really wish these books would come back into print. The series is great for upper elementary and teens, even adults will get a chuckle.  Every few years, I pull the books out and reread – still great.  I’m writing about Matthew Looney here because I don’t know where else to mention the books.  Not really science fiction, but humor, and I don’t think I will have a humor tab. 

Okay, on to my favorite science fiction books.  I might include books in the new book review postings that are okay and should find a teen audience but may choose not to put them with my favorites.