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Parallel – Lauren Miller

When parallel worlds collide, Abby is thrust from one world to another.  The story opens when her plans for college and a journalism career take a wrong turn after she enrolls in a drama class her senior year that leads … Continue reading

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The Caged Graves – Dianne Salerni

Set in a small community in Pennsylvania following the Civil War, Verity Boone, returns to her birthplace to be reunited with her father and meet her intended husband.  Her mother died when she was a toddler, so she was sent … Continue reading

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Kindness for Weakness – Shawn Goodman

When James’ older brother gives his mother an ultimatum, the boyfriend or him, he moves out leaving James alone to deal with the abusive boyfriend and a mother that has checked out long ago.  James’s brother, whom he idolizes, has … Continue reading

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The Riddle of the Labyrinth: The Quest to Crack an Ancient Code – Margalit Fox

British archeologist Arthur Evans was convinced that Mycenaean society was too advanced to be without writing, but no firm evidence had emerged.  Clues began to point him toward Crete, and he eventually chose Knossos, the seat of Minos’ empire, for … Continue reading

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The Boleyn King: A Novel – Laura Andersen

On a summer’s night in 1536 a rush of falling stars accompanied the birth of a prince, Anne Boleyn’s healthy baby boy.  Now, seventeen years later King Henry IX, known to his family as William, is impatiently entering the last … Continue reading

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Invisibility – David Levithan and Andrea Cremer

Stephen was born invisible. This was not an unexpected surprise for his parents. His mother was cursed by his evil cursecasting grandfather. His invisibility was too much for his father to bear so he left his wife and young son, … Continue reading

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