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Insignia – S.J. Kincaid

There is never a dull moment in this futuristic virtual war game thriller.  Corporations rule the world and fight over rights to natural resources on Earth and the solar system.  The corporations argue there is no loss of life in … Continue reading

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Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls – Julie Schumacher

It is summertime and Adrienne Haus is finally out of school.  But instead of going off on an adventure with her best friend, she’s forced to stay home nursing a hurt knee.  To keep her daughter occupied, Adrienne’s Mom enrolls … Continue reading

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The Long Earth – Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

The Long Earth is a sizzling brain stimulator full of what if scenarios and philosophical musings delivered in doses of witty banter between explorers Joshua and Lobsang.  Folks on Datum Earth, our Earth, discovered the Long Earth, an infinite number … Continue reading

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Rose: My Life in Service to Lady Astor – Rosina Harrison

When Rosina Harrison was a girl in North Yorkshire she confided in her mother that she wanted to travel when she grew up.  Taking her wishes seriously, her mother told her that in order to do that she must “smarten … Continue reading

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Shadows on the Moon –Zoë Marriott

Suzume leads a carefree life as an only child, playing on her father’s modest estates in a land similar to feudal Japan.  One horrible day, soldiers storm in, accuse her father of treason and kill them all including her beloved … Continue reading

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Struck – Jennifer Bosworth

Mia has been struck by lightning countless times, so that she has become the embodiment of lightning with rivers of scars running the length of her body. If she loses her temper or feels threatened, she releases energy and can … Continue reading

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Lucky Fools – Coert Voorhees

The competition is fierce at Oak Fields prep in many areas of David Ellison’s life.  He and all the other seniors are contemplating their college choices and life goals and are thrown a crushing blow when a Stanford admissions representative … Continue reading

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Welcome Caller, This is Chloe – Shelley Coriell

Chloe is an ambitious, high-spirited high school junior with a seemingly unsinkable personality and a flare for vintage shoes. Her normally bright outlook on life threatens to dim though when classes resume after winter break. Her two best friends, Brie … Continue reading

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See You At Harry’s – Jo Knowles

We meet a busy, slightly dysfunctional family that owns a diner/ice cream restaurant called Harry’s.  Told from Fern’s point of view, she is the third of four children and has never quite had all the parental attention she would like.  … Continue reading

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The Lost Code: Book One of the Atlanteans – Kevin Emerson

The Earth is dying.  Radiation from the sun is extreme.  Huge domes, Edens, have been constructed for large pockets of civilization in key places in the world.  Within one of the Edens, a summer camp has been built over a … Continue reading

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