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Literally – Lucy Keating

Annabelle (AB) is a highly organized, borderline control freak, high school senior who is dealing with a major disruption in her life.  Her parents just announced they are divorcing and selling the only home she has ever known.  Elliott, her … Continue reading

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Not Exactly A Love Story – Audrey Couloumbis

In the wake of a breakup and his parents’ divorce, Vinnie Gold and his mom move to Long Island from Queens for a fresh start.  While it seems at first that life is against him, things take a promising turn … Continue reading

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Love and Other Perishable Items – Laura Buzo

Some love stories are just too logistically complicated to succeed despite how well-suited the couple may be for one another. Take the Australian duo of Amelia, 15, with fierce opinions and a maturity beyond her years, and Chris, 22, a … Continue reading

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Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls – Julie Schumacher

It is summertime and Adrienne Haus is finally out of school.  But instead of going off on an adventure with her best friend, she’s forced to stay home nursing a hurt knee.  To keep her daughter occupied, Adrienne’s Mom enrolls … Continue reading

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Welcome Caller, This is Chloe – Shelley Coriell

Chloe is an ambitious, high-spirited high school junior with a seemingly unsinkable personality and a flare for vintage shoes. Her normally bright outlook on life threatens to dim though when classes resume after winter break. Her two best friends, Brie … Continue reading

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The List – Siobhan Vivian

A degrading tradition has taken root at a high school.  Every fall, a list is distributed of the ugliest and prettiest girl in each grade.  The humiliation for the girls named as ugliest can well be imagined and it can … Continue reading

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Don’t You Wish – Roxanne St. Claire

This novel is another version of the plain, quiet, bullied girl becoming beautiful, popular and shallow then learning a lesson in the transformation.  The plot vehicle in this story involves a bit of quantum physics and an alternate universe to … Continue reading

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