Slayers – C.J. Hill

This is another book about teens with super powers fighting evil.  This time the teens are the next generation of dragon slayers.  The story opens with a vicious action scene of a huge dragon terrorizing Washington DC.  So I thought I was in for a wild ride of dragon hunting.  No, not so much in this book, but it is coming.  Most of the book takes place during summer camp for teen dragon slayers who are descendants of super DNA pumped medieval dragon slayers.  It reminds me a bit of Riordan’s Camp Half-Blood.  The power hungry Overdrake has a dragon and eggs in his possession with the intent of overthrowing the US government when the eggs hatch.  The hatching will be soon, so the teen slayers need to step up their training if they are to defeat the coming dragons.  Through new slayer, Tory, we meet all of the teen slayers and see them in action including a bit of a developing love triangle.  It is a good introduction to what should be a popular action series.

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