Hidden – Helen Frost

Another beautifully written lyrical book by Helen Frost.  Told in two voices with different formats.  When Wren was 8, she stayed in the back seat of the car while her mom went into the store for a moment.  She heard a gunshot and immediately crouched down, seconds later a man got into her car and drove off unaware of Wren.  Her voice is in free verse.  Darra, age 8, is the daughter of the man who stole the car and parked it in their garage.  Her voice is in longer lines that piece together to tell even more of her story.  Six years after the incident, the girls are at summer camp and recognize each other by their names.  Do they bury their past or confront it?  Be sure to read the pages at the end of the book, Diving Deeper:  Notes on Form.  This is a quick read and captivating.

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