The Princess of Trelian – Michelle Knudsen

The sequel to The Dragon of Trelian, once again has Princess Meglynne , her dragon and sorcerer’s apprentice friend, Calen, saving the kingdom from the evil Sen Eva.  Sen Eva is intent on bringing the ultimate evil sorcerer, who was magically banished generations ago, back into the world.  The book ends with a twist paving the way for another to come.

While I enjoyed the first book – princess finds dragon, mind melds, saves kingdom – type of light fantasy, this second in the series is rather tedious.  There seems to be an awful lot of explaining how characters think and feel and react.  Perhaps the novice reader that needs a lot of hand holding to understand character insight will appreciate the explanations.  This book does satisfy the needs of the beginning fantasy reader.  The characters are likeable, especially young Calen who grows into his powers and looks to play a pivotal role in the next book.

 NetGalley Review  Publication date 4.10.12

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