The Lost Code: Book One of the Atlanteans – Kevin Emerson

The Earth is dying.  Radiation from the sun is extreme.  Huge domes, Edens, have been constructed for large pockets of civilization in key places in the world.  Within one of the Edens, a summer camp has been built over a submerged temple that has special powers.  Certain children attending the camp mutate and grow gills.  It turns out that all of the campers were selected for their distant genes linked to the citizens of ancient Atlantis.  The key to the Earth’s salvation are the awakened powers of three chosen children.  Before they can truly figure out how to save the world, they have to escape the evil people in the Eden dome.

The stereotypical characters are here:  the camp bully, the twisted camp director, the lovely camp counselor, and the ugly duckling boy turned swan hero.  The story premise is interesting but a bit difficult to follow at times.  Many readers might give up.  Perhaps with the background laid out in book one, the following installments will advance the story at a brisker pace. It will be interesting to see how the mission continues in the next book.

 Digital Galley    Publication date 5.22.12

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