The Importance of Being Seven: A 44 Scotland Street Novel – Alexander McCall Smith

Once again we are provided with a glimpse into the lives of the Edinburgh residents of  Scotland Street, and once again it is a delight, filled with humor and philosophical musings.

Matt and Elspeth are settling into life as newlyweds.  Elspeth is pregnant . . . with triplets!  This naturally requires a move to a larger flat, with all of the attendant problems.  Domenica , Angus and Antonia decide to spend a holiday together in Tuscany.  Cyril, of course, tags along and has a wonderful time.   Pat has reentered the picture and Bruce remains a jerk.  And then there is young Bertie.  Dear, sweet, long suffering Bertie, who is still tormented by his helicopter mother’s constant hovering.   Bertie is longing to be seven, when perhaps, just perhaps, things might change.  He is years to be free of yoga classes, psychotherapy and Italian lessons.  In the meanwhile he manages to take his infant brother, Ulysses, to school for show and tell.  And somehow he misplaces his mother, which causes him to realize that one must be careful what one wishes for.

This is the sixth book in the series, which began as a compilation of daily episodes written for the Scotsman newspaper.  It is helpful to have read the other books, but not necessary.  It’s a sunny, charming book and it makes me smile.

Galley review   US Publication date 8.21.12

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