Burn Mark – Laura Powell

In modern day England, witch burnings still occur, but now there is a more scientific way to prove someone is a witch.  Bells will give a telltale chime if a witch attempts a hex, and every witch gets a small, purplish mark on their skin when their powers emerge around adolescence.  Contact with special iron materials will stifle a witch’s Fae, their source of power.  Acts of witchery are illegal, so all witches must register themselves within a few days of getting the Fae.  At registration, they receive iron cuffs to stifle their powers. 

Lucas, the son of a prominent government official, realizes he is a witch and immediately registers.  It is then discovered that he is actually one of the most powerful types of witches.  Since the news of an official’s son getting the Fae would be disastrous, Lucas’s abilities are kept secret.  Lucas becomes an undercover agent for WICA.  In this role, he assumes the identity of someone else, and works with an organized crime ring made entirely of unregistered witches.  He befriends Glory, a young witch who only recently obtained her powers too.  Together, they work to uncover vital information about a case, and what they discover will shock everyone.  This paranormal tale intertwines the world of magic with mystery and crime, and the characters grow with plot development.  However, the pacing was slow and tedious.  It will take the patient reader to stick with the story.

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