Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 – Richard Paul Evans

Following the common storyline of superpower kids fighting evil, Michael Vey is a very good read for the target audience.   Teen Michael Vey can produce a killer electric shock upon touch, but he is a nice guy.  Often bullied at school, he is caught using his ability to fend off his tormentors.  Cheerleader Taylor sees him and confides that she too has special abilities.  Together with Ostin, their super intelligent sidekick, they discover the reason for their powers and learn that someone is after them.  Evil scientist Hatch is rounding up the electric teens and using their powers to highjack the world.  Fun characters, fast pacing, and plenty of action make this a winner for teens.  The added bonus is that it is good clean fun – no sex, foul language, or drug use.  There is a good deal of violence and torture that comes when evil people mess with electricity.  The sequel will be available on 8.14.2012 – Rise of the Elgen.

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