The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel – Alexander McCall Smith

This is the 9th novel in the Isabel Dalhousie series.  As with most series, it helps to read them in order, but can be read randomly.  The books are classified as mysteries.  They are really books of philosophy with a bit of mystery thrown in.

Isabel is a philosopher by profession and an amateur sleuth by accident. She is editor of a small scholarly journal of philosophy. These are gentle stories.  Nothing much happens.  In this episode, Isabel is asked by a friend to look into an art theft.  His favorite, a very valuable painting by Poussin, has been stolen from his house and he is very nervous about meeting with the thief about a ransom.

Charlie, Isabel’s three year old son has shown an aptitude for math and she and her husband, Jamie are wondering what to do about it.  They have a disagreement with their housekeeper/babysitter, and that’s about it.  I know, it sounds dull.  But I love these books.  Isabel’s mind frequently wanders into musings about people and motives and life in general.  I was left feeling calm, refreshed and a tiny bit wiser.

eGalley review    Publication date 10.23.12

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