Velvet – Mary Hooper

Velvet has decided to reinvent herself to try to raise her standing in the world.  Formerly known as Kitty, her mother died years before and her abusive father drowned in the murky canal.  She adopts a new name and gets a job in the sweltering laundry where she later talks her way into the more prestigious personal laundry section.  By taking care of the laundry for up and coming psychic Madame Savoya, Velvet is soon hired by the psychic to be her personal assistant.  Despite her street-smart ways, she is rather gullible in believing in Madame Savoya.  Surely it is coincidental that the pre-séance conversation tibits that Velvet passes from the clients to the Madame ends up as part of the séance.  Velvet’s friend from her Kitty days is now a policeman determined to expose the Madame.  Set in Victorian London, this is an interesting glimpse into the psychic shows popular during the era.

NetGalley review       Publication date 11.13.12

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