Princess of the Silver Woods – Jessica Day George

princess of silver woodsThe third book in the series retelling the fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses (Brothers Grimm) is every bit as good as the first, Princess of the Midnight Ball.  It is now Petunia’s turn for the story spotlight.  She and her sisters are once again sucked into the dark world of the King Under Stone who continues the search for brides.   She is the youngest of the princesses and is now in her teens and on her way to an earldom to perhaps become betrothed.   She is inadvertently kidnapped along the way by Oliver, whose earldom was lost when the king made a bad peace treaty.  Oliver is rather smitten by young Petunia and after she is released and resumes her journey to the earldom, Oliver decides she needs protecting after he witnesses shadow creatures climbing the walls to Petunia’s open window.    In the dark princes’ defense, it is not their fault they were stolen as babies by their evil father and raised in the dark kingdom.  Still, best not to force marriage.  Petunia makes the book zing because of her spunky attitude and matter-of-fact way she approaches each nasty turn.  Oliver fits perfectly with Petunia as the daring and dashing protector of people.  Nicely done and perhaps not the end of the series as there are more princesses to marry off.

NetGalley review     Publication date 12.11.12

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