Finding Camlann – Sean Pidgeon

finding camlannThe unfinished manuscript just isn’t right and archeologist Donald Gladstone is at a loss.  His publisher wants more punch to appeal to more readers. Donald wants to stick by the facts, and only the facts.  Unfortunately, there are no facts.  Donald is sure the legend of King Arthur must be based on a hero lost in antiquity, but finding him proves daunting. A mass burial found near Stonehenge begins the thought process, and a chance meeting with Julia Llewellyn, provides an additional inspiration.  She is a gifted linguist working at the Oxford English Dictionary, with an interest in an old Welsh poem that seems to connect with the Stonehenge burial.  Together they try to find the elusive Arthur.

I love the mythology of the British Isles and the damp, misty atmosphere that always seems to prevail in books like this.  To add to the charm, much of the action takes place in the rugged Welsh countryside. The book is a delight.

eGalley review     Publication date 1.7.13

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