Shades of Earth – Beth Revis

shadesofearthThis third book that began with Across the Universe, wraps up the story of Ender and Amy, with brilliant, flawless finesse.  Many of the Godspeed’s crew and the Earth-born frozen have crash landed on  Centauri-Earth.  The colony is immediately attacked.  The survivors fight the enemy along with many deceptions.  There is no way I will spoil this story for readers by giving away more.  This is a trilogy that triumphs with each book and never disappoints.  There are no plot sags or frivolous side stories.  The characters are real.  They make mistakes but they learn and overcome tremendous challenges.  Characters triumph, characters die.  An awful lot of them die. This is sci-fi planet colonization lit at its best.  Highly recommend!

eGalley review     Publication date 1.15.13

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