All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens – Gloria Whelan

all my noble dreamsThis companion to Small Acts of Courage can stand alone.  The author does a wonderful job clueing the reader in on Rosalind’s adventures in India during the time of British Colonization.  Her father is stationed in India and works for the British government during the time that Gandhi is leading peaceful protests for India’s freedom. She has returned to her beloved India after a brief stint with family back in England.

She continues to stir things up and do all she can to bring the cause for India’s independence to the attention of the royal family.  Through her father’s connections, she does get to meet the Prince of Wales on tour and is later presented to the King of England, King George III.  The author sprinkles so much information about India and the time period that this book would integrate quite well into a World Cultures class unit.  This is a fast read with less than 200 pages and moves along at a brisk pace.

eGalley review    Publication date 4.2.13

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