Fyre (Septimus Heap Book 7) – Angie Sage

fyreAhhhh . . . I am savoring the finale of this very special series that I began in 2005, when I was given a galley of Magyk.  It sure seems that every character featured in the preceding books gets a nod or mention in this satisfying conclusion.  The queendom is recovering from the Darke invasion and preparations are being made to destroy the Two-Faced Darke ring forever.  That Darke ring embodies all the evil that has plagued wizards for generations.  Literally.  The two all-powerful evil wizards that tried to kill Hotep-Ra, the first ExtraOrdinary Wizard, have been imprisoned in the ring all these many years.  The ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Marcia Overstrand, must admit the need for Alchemie to restart the Fyre to be used for the destruction.  Oh, but it is not that simple!  Things go awry in many, many ways that require the help of just about every major and minor character in the series.  Fine with me!  Even Stanley, my favorite messenger rat, makes an appearance.  Humorous, witty, snippety, and friendly, so very friendly, the finale hits the mark leaving me wishing for friends like that and a dragon boat of my own.  Thank you, Angie Sage, for 8 years of blissful enjoyment.  Highly recommend.

Side note- the series must be read in order.  For those that have read many other books while waiting for each installment, reviewing The Magykal Papers prior to reading Fyre is helpful in igniting character and storyline remembrance.

eGalley review    Publication date 4.16.13

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