The Boleyn King: A Novel – Laura Andersen

boleyn kingOn a summer’s night in 1536 a rush of falling stars accompanied the birth of a prince, Anne Boleyn’s healthy baby boy.  Now, seventeen years later King Henry IX, known to his family as William, is impatiently entering the last year of his regency, longing to be fully king. He trusts only his sister, Elizabeth, her lady in waiting, Minuette, and his friend, Dominic. The Catholic supporters of Princess  Mary are hatching plots and the French king looks to test the resolve of the young English king. This quartet of teenagers must keep England safe from foreign wars and domestic rebellion.

I have always enjoyed a good alternative history in which the author changes one historical fact and then examines the consequences of that change. Unfortunately, this is not a good alternative history.  It’s just a formula teen age love triangle in period costume with a bit of mystery thrown in.  I wanted to like it.  It was pleasant and well written, but the action was so predictable and there was little authentic historical background.

eGalley review     Publication date 5.14.13

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