The King’s Deception – Steve Berry

kings deceptionGary Malone is one angry teenager.  Not surprising, considering his mother has just revealed that he’s the result of an affair. That the man he has always called “Dad” isn’t really his dad. His mother has refused to tell him about his biological father, information he feels he needs to know.  His parents have been divorced for a little over a year, and his father, Cotton Malone, now lives in Copenhagen.  So it’s been arranged for Gary to spend a week at Thanksgiving abroad with his Dad, giving him time to cool down a bit.  To make things interesting, Cotton has been asked by his former boss at the Justice Department to escort a runaway teen from Atlanta to London and turn him over to the police there.  Then he and Gary can catch a flight from Gatwick to Copenhagen.  In return, the CIA will furnish first class tickets for all flights.  Sounds like such a good deal.  But the police at Heathrow turn out not to be police and the ride to Gatwick turns into a kidnapping, and Gary and Cotton become involved in international espionage.  Deciphering mystery that spans the centuries turns deadly.

Steve Berry has done it again.  All of his mysteries have historical twists.  I love that.  This one is filled with plots, counter plots, traitors, spies, assassins and a secret society.   Set in London, we visit all the famous landmarks and uncover a long buried secret about the Tudors.  Who could ask for more?  This action packed book was hard to put down.  Highly Recommend.

eGalley review   Publication date 6.11.13

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