The Burning Sky – Sherry Thomas

burning skyA tumultuous political world of magic exists in hidden folds of Victorian London. Prince Titus, a powerful mage, does not truly have authority in his realm because he and his kingdom are under the thumb of a super-power mage, The Bane. It has been foretold that Titus would meet and protect a unique elemental mage who would destroy The Bane. Iolanthe is the elemental mage who is totally unaware of how special her powers are. Titus and Iolanthe form an uneasy alliance to get the task done. The first in a planned trilogy, there are many characters and details to absorb. The world building was rather choppy. I was trying to get a handle on the magical world when suddenly we were in Victorian London. For readers wanting action, adventure, good vs. evil, tinged with romance, this offering should suffice.

eGalley review    Publication date 9.17.13

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