Relativity – Cristin Bishara

relativityRuby Wright is trapped in a life that just doesn’t seem to fit her. She and her dad moved to a small town in Ohio when her Dad remarried after her Mom’s death, forcing Ruby to leave behind her best friend and secret love interest, George. While wandering outside one day, she finds a huge tree that seems to be buzzing with energy, and she is determined to find out why. The tree is actually a portal of sorts, and her exploration launches her into 9 alternate realities of her life. She sees what life may have been like if her Mom hadn’t died, if she had finally told George how she felt, and if she had had a big brother. While searching for the perfect world for her, she realizes that she must embrace her own reality. Inspired by string theory and the works of scientists such as Brian Greene, Relativity will captivate audiences of all ages and keep the reader turning the pages to find out what the next world will reveal.  Well done!

NetGalley review      Publication date 9.10.13

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