The Real Boy – Anne Ursu

real boyThe most powerful magician in the Barrow selected Oscar from an orphanage long before the story opens. Oscar stays to himself in the storage room full of medicinal herbs and forages in the forest and gardens to replenish the magician’s stores. He likes being alone with only his cats for company. People make him uncomfortable. When his master leaves town and Callie, the healer’s apprentice comes to him for medicines to help a string of mysterious ailments in children, Oscar must learn to deal with people.

The author gently unfolds the story of Oscar and the mysterious magic of the Barrow. The pace quickens when children fall ill and all is explained in due time. Stoic, determined and ever-patient, Callie, was my favorite character. This is a story for the gentle soul that was a joy to read.

eGalley review Publication date 9.24.13

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