Parasite – Mira Grant

parasiteSally was dead. The car wreck destroyed her brain and her body is being kept alive artificially. Her family gathered around and prepared to turn off life support so that her organs might be harvested and used for others. Abruptly, Sally sat up and her body began to heal. Sally began to live again, and SymboGen Corp. claimed the credit. In the not too distant future almost all humans have been implanted with a genetically designed tapeworm that boosts the immune system, secretes drugs, and leads to a healthier, happier life. Sally is evidence of its protection. But Sally’s brain has been wiped clean. She’s an infant and must learn everything anew. SymboGen is her protector and pays for all medical care and therapy, anxious to show the world the merits of their intelligent implant. Sounds too good to be true, right? Yep, these intelligent implants are becoming a bit too intelligent. They’re getting tired of being slaves and want lives of their own.

In order to enjoy this book you simply must disregard reality. The setting is in the near future, 2027, and unless the FDA has been totally dissolved by then, that tapeworm could NEVER have been approved for implantation. And much of the science thrown in is not too accurate. But if you can get past this, it’s a good read. It is very well written and was a real page turner. I loved the quotations from a child’s book that started many chapters. In spite of myself, I’m looking forward to the sequel.

eGalley review       Publication date 10.29.13

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