Vitro – Jessica Khoury

vitroSophie Crue travels all the way to Skin Island on the outskirts of Guam to get to her mother after receiving a cryptic email from her. In Sophie’s eyes, her mother is a hero, performing miracles and medical breakthroughs on the tiny, remote, and mysterious island.  As soon as she and the charter pilot, Jim, land on the island, Sophie realizes she had no idea what her mother really did. She wanders around a medical facility and comes upon her twin . . . though she never knew she had one.  This twin, like many other teenagers on the island, is a Vitro, born from a test tube embryo.  They are programmed to imprint, follow orders, and defend their masters. Struck with horror by what they see on the island, Sophie and Jim struggle to escape and rescue some of the helpless Vitro newborns. Twist and turns abound in this page turner.  The story will find an audience with readers of all ages with its unique and captivating plot.

eGalley review   Publication date 1.14.14

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