The Shadow Throne – Jennifer A. Nielsen

shadow throneBook 3 of The Ascendance Trilogy begins with Jaron returning from the pirates without any opportunity to fully recover before war threatens his kingdom. It’s not just one country that declares war against him, but three. The odds are ever-stacked against Jaron so it’s a good thing he is extremely clever and can take a beating that would kill most people. Our favorite characters are back and involved in scheming, heroics and plenty of traps. The story is predictable, but that’s okay because this is a fun read with action at every turn of the page. Jaron shows what it takes to be a true leader showing respect for his subjects and self-sacrifice for his country. The only drawback that is leaving me a bit disturbed is the repeated beatings Jaron endures in every book to the point of excess. Other than that, this is a satisfying conclusion to a thrilling series. Highly recommend.

NetGalley review       Publication date 2.25.14

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