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The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender – Lesley Walton

Ava Lavender is born with wings. Ava tells her story by recounting the series of tragedies that befell her relatives beginning with her French great-grandparents’ immigration to the tenements of New York. Tragic events fueled by broken hearts are written … Continue reading

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The Ring and the Crown – Melissa de la Cruz

Princess Marie-Victoria of the Franco-British Empire must marry Leopold, the Prussian prince to secure peace between their nations. The story is told from several points-of-view that reiterates the plight of women throughout history when they must sell themselves to the … Continue reading

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Salvage – Alexandra Duncan

Many generations into the future, there are “tribes” that live on space ships. Ava is the eldest daughter of the leader of the Parastrata ship and a repressive society where women are seen as useful in breeding stock only. Other … Continue reading

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