Circa Now – Amber McRee Turner

circa now

Circa’s parents own a photography studio.  Her mother photographs family portraits and her father is amazing in restoration photography.  He taught his daughter, Circa, intricate techniques to add detail into photos.  Circa’s father is delivering a photograph in the middle of a violent storm and he is killed.  Circa’s mother already battles depression and has difficulty leaving the house so the cruel weight of her husband’s death is almost too much.  But soon after the tragedy, a young boy with amnesia shows up at their house.  His plight gives Circa and her mother new life.

While the plot sounds heavy, the story is full of life and small joys.  The magic of manipulating photos, the steady friendships, and strong-willed Circa bring this story together with a smile.  And Miles, the mystery boy, is the symbol of rebirth that so many long for.  Engaging, heart-warming, and uplifting.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review      Publication date 5.27.14

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